Gold, Silver and Platinum castings using lost-wax vacuum injecting method.

Advanced alloys and top notch casting machines to control porosity.

Setting Styles include Prong, Pav́e, Micro Pav́e, Channel, Bezel, Gypsy, Invisible & Microscope Setting.

Talented Bench Jewelers able to comprehend and produce complicated mechanisms.

Laser Welding & Repair

Talented team of designers to compliment and assist clients.

Computer  Rhino  (CAD/CAM)

Monarch & other compatible file types.

Rapid-Prototype Equipment (CAM) – Solidscape printers

Jewelry Polishing Services

Rhodium, Gold Electro-plating, and Silver Oxidization Services.


Stone Sourcing – Direct access to the cutting centers of Antwerp,China, Mumbai, Bangkok, and Jaipur.

Independent IT department for software development for customized requirement.
EDI complied.
We have dedicated staff of 15 professional IT web personal  for online sell B2B since 2001.